Saturday, September 13, 2008

Next step done!

We got the rest of the paint up!!!! All the rooms, well the 2 bedrooms and the living room all have color up on the walls. No more wallpaper. The trim and such still needs work, but that part will have to wait.

It has been a long week with Patrick starting school and getting his school and work schedules set. School has also brought homework to his plate. At Lisa's work a co-worker came back from maternity leave and the office was rearranged to make room to include a new employee. Jobs are changing and it is as confusing as having two houses partly packed and a mess.

This is Patrick's office in yellow.

This is the back bedroom in a light blue.

This is the view from the front door. The living room in blue and green.

This is the view from the door to the kitchen.

This was a surprise. Some of you may know the sadness of the old rose bush. The sellers razed the old bush during a miscommunication about fixing the concrete at the base of the house. At the time the saddest part was that they reduced this old rose bush to 4 inch stumps. It was almost as tall as Lisa! Today as we checked out the side of the house - turns out the outside water bib leaks (see Lows and Highs). Anyway, we discovered this new growth on the little stump. We'll see how it grows back.

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Mom said...

I hate to tell Patrick, "I told you so," but I thought there was a good chance that rose would grow back! :-)