Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope this finds everyone well this Christmas season. As I put the ornaments on our little Christmas trees today, I thought about each ornament as I found a place for it. My first Christmas ornaments were from a Young Women's lesson when I was a Senior in High School. Since then, every year I have acquired at least one new ornament. I have two from my mission - I was serving in France at the time. Many from friends who have traveled - I have two from Isreal. But the most important part of Christmas is remembering our Savior.

While it has taken me a while to get ornaments on our little trees, it did not take me long to put up the nativity sets.

I love thinking about each person who was present that night when Christ was born. Perhaps one day I will start collecting Santons. They are figurines made in France to depict the "Creche". The biggest difference is that not only do you have the Shepards and the Wise Men - but the butcher, baker, tailor - the whole town comes to see the Christ child.

This little tree is the one I went to JoAnn's for in 2006 - Mine and Patrick's first Christmas. All the Christmas decorations were in storage in San Diego. I thought I could do without since we would be going over to family's - but by the time the 22nd rolled around I had to bring Christmas into my home. This is similar to another tradition from France - the manger scene is under the tree.

I know things have been tight for many this year - us included. Remember that despite the economy and obstacles that fall onto our path, the Savior has given us the precious gift of the atonement. He loves all and invites all to come unto Him. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Did you notice I'm singing one of the songs? Didn't know I was a country singer in my previous life, did you? :-)

Here is another wonderful song - just follow the link

Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter in Pocatello

Well after several days and weeks of temperatures threatening to drop only to reach up to create some beautiful autumn days, winter is definitely here. We have found a second company to take care of our mold so hopefully we'll be able to focus on other parts of the house. This is the last week of school for Patrick. I have to work until Christmas Eve, but then I have the next week off. We still have boxes all over, but several of them are now serving as "tables".

These are some pictures of a sunset one evening. I must admit, besides the wind, the beautiful sunsets have surprised me.

With the time change I've even seen some beautiful sunrises.

And this would be why winter is definitely here, as well as why Patrick hasn't cut his hair! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!