Thursday, October 15, 2015

What All the Noise is About

Yesss, I know I missed my usual Monday post this week (with everything going on I thought that might happen). It's all for a good cause though. One of the projects I've been hinting about and babbling about is live and about to take flight!

There are a few folks out there that have previewed this for me already, and I'd like to thank them again (you know who you are). I really did consider what you had to say with this.

What am I talking about? Well...
Watch the video and see!

I'm setting up a Kickstarter campaign here: 

to fund this project. This is kind of the ultimate small press as I am putting this out myself.

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter here's how it works...

I set up the page (here's the link again..., people go to it and if they like the project they get to contribute money and I give them something in return. What I'm giving to people is all on the page... If the funding goal is met by my deadline (3:00 AM November 15th, 2015) I get the money, put out the product and send out rewards. If the funding goal isn't met everybody walks away and nobody is out anything (it cost me my time but I learned a lot so that's a net gain already...).

I'm only running the campaign for thirty days because statistically that's the best length for the campaign, and I'm ending it on November 15th to accommodate paydays and spending habits (I've done my research).

Now, here's a lesser known statistic and where I could use some help from you guys... If a project can get to 30% of it's goal ($754 in my case) the project is 90% likely to go all the way. It's kind of about people seeing it and believing it will go.

At this point it's as much about spreading the word as it is about money (actually for a future project I'm planning to do a Kickstarter specifically as a marketing thing...). If you can and are willing to put some money in that's great (again if we can hit $754 the probability of getting the rest is 90%). You will be getting some goodies out of it.

But... there's an even bigger way you can help! If you're willing to help put the word out about the project that is truly huge! I saw a thing today where someone brought in $10,000 because three people were willing to talk about his stuff. 

Under Kickstarter rules I can't actually offer anyone money or other financial rewards, but I'm willing to barter with people here. I'm willing to offer some goodies, some of the stars I mentioned on the KS page, shiny rocks, and so on for people who are willing to tweet, put this on facebook or otherwise send some attention my way (there is a share button right under the video on the page (on about the same level as the location and my picture...).

If somebody really comes through with promoting this I've got a few bigger items that I could shake loose (like a couple of these carriers...)

Don't worry if I include a bottle it will be a brand new never used one... if someone really really comes through... I don't know we'll have to see on that!

No pressure, I'm not asking for anything that you're unwilling to give. I'm not asking for anything that I wouldn't do (or haven't done) myself.

I'm also very willing to share my experience and provide help in setting up a Kickstarter campaign for one of your projects. If you've never been down this road a little previous experience and advice can't hurt. And if you have been down this road, then you know the value of an extra set of eyeballs (again thanks to my previewers).

So this is the madness of the moment. I think it's pretty cool and one way or another I'm going to succeed with this thing eventually. I'm giving you a chance to get in on the act too (and yes, I really am going to list all the contributors in the back of the book).

There isn't a lot here about Lisa's projects or other stuff like that. Look for that stuff  next week. 

And, if you want to help Lisa out... try sending her a supportive text or email. This grad school thing is tuff!

Well this is my report.
Until next time remember,
You don't know what you can do to until you try.
And, thanks for all the support!

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