Monday, March 20, 2017

Johnson Farm - ONLY Available via Kickstarter until April 7th!

Writing is something Patrick has wanted to do for a long time.  We have worked together to make sure he has the time and the space to write.

His first novel is ready!

You now need to contribute to the Kickstarter project to...

1) Get a copy of the book for you,
2) Get some extra swag (who doesn't like extras?)


3) Support Patrick (and me)

Click the image to get your copy!

What is Kickstarter?

In order to publish Johnson Farm in hard copy - we need the money to pay the bookbinder.  (For those of you who know the story...remember when Joseph Smith needed to find the money to publish the Book of Mormon?  The process has not changed too much - you need money to get the books to sell the books.  Once everyone likes his stories and keeps buying them, then a company will take interest and offer to do some of this work for him.)

Kickstarter is a way to crowd source the funding to get Johnson Farm in hard copy.

The way is works is people commit to the project, and IF the project is funded, then the money comes out of your bank and your reward is sent out.

If the project does not get FULLY funded, then you have lost no money.  But that means Johnson Farm will not be available in hard copy in May. 😢😞

Yes, you will need to create an account on Kickstarter.
Yes, you will need to pick a pledge option.
No - your money will not be taken out of your account today.  It will come out in the middle of April - but only if the project is fully funded.

Why Should You Get a Book Now?

If the Kickstarter project does not fully fund, we will have to go to plan B or C or D.  (There are back-up plans).  But that means the book will not be available in hard copy this year, and maybe not even next year.

Many of you have expressed a desire to read Patrick's writing - now is the time to support him for all the hard work he has done.  The Kickstarter page has some insights into the story behind the story. (You might also want to follow me on instagram for other insights.) 

Writing is Hard Work

I ran across the image below on twitter today.  I just want to same that this has seldom been the case with Patrick.  He has a plan every day and writes every day.  Sure he has had some days when the writing was more difficult, but he has consistently written everyday (except Sundays, well, sometimes you can't control when ideas come, so they get quickly jotted down to get added to the plan for Monday.)  I am so proud of the work he has accomplished and know that you will enjoy this story (and the others to come).

If you've reached this far - your next step is: Go to the Kickstarter: Johnson Farm page and put your order in!

The clock is ticking...

Monday, March 6, 2017

T minus 32 (or was that 39...)

Yep, me again posting a little earlier than usual because things are brewing...

First, Lisa's dissertation defense is scheduled for April 14th at 9:00 AM! (That means that after about noon on the 14th people need to start calling her Doctor Kidder (Patrick will be maintaining his title as Lord High Executioner...)). So, um, yeah... She's a little busy right now...

On the other side of the house we are now taking pre-orders for my novel Johnson Farm...
And this time I did make the video...

When you go to the Kickstarter page (where you can preorder the book...) you will notice there are a lot of options to get some extra swag in addition to the book. Now, here for readers of this blog, I'm putting in an added bonus!

Added bonus!

There are two $500 pledge slots on the Kickstarter page. The two lucky people who choose them have the opportunity to name something (a school, hospital or teacher) in the second book. If someone who reads this blog, were to make one of those pledges (or get a family member to (hint hint...) in addition to the school, hospital or teacher there is an entire town in Northern Idaho which goes unnamed in the first book that will be named in the third book! That means a reader of this blog who makes one of those pledges (or successfully motivates someone to make that pledge) could be naming a town in Northern Idaho! (Note: if two people who are readers of this blog make $500 pledges the first one will have the choice of naming the town or a character in the third book! The other reader/pledger will then get to name which ever the first didn't choose).  If these criteria apply to you - add a comment below stating the date you put in your pledge (and use a name/email so we can connect you with the pledge in kickstarter, or send me or Lisa a text - those in the know, know the digits to use.)

I am thinking about other goodies for blog readers who pledge or advertise the Kickstarter and I will entertain suggestions in the comments. (Note that if I come up with additional goodies priority goes to those who have already contributed...)

The actual book copies will go out in May.

Now the funny part...

According to the last plan the Kickstarter was supposed to open today, but the KS team actually pushed it through on Friday and we got our first backer Saturday morning! So, I was going to ask who was going to be first to back it, but somebody already did...

Well, that's it for this week...
I'll leave you with a little Smash Mouth (and a video that hopefully represents my adventure with Kickstarter!)

We'll assume the Mystery Men are potential Kickstarter backers...
See you next week (I hope!)...