Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I haven't posted for a while, things have been hectic. The house is slowly get put into place. We had another company come in to give us a second quote on solving our mold problem in the basement. We are just waiting for the final dollar amount now. In the meantime Patrick has been working hard at clearing out all the random shelves, cupboards and paneling. I spent Monday getting all the "extra" boxes in the kitchen have been moved out, so we had a real, clean kitchen to cook Thanksgiving dinner in.

An exciting thing happened this past week. After moving all our stuff in, we realized that the laundry area was set up for a gas dryer rather than an electric one -like ours. :-( So we have been hauling laundry to the laundry mat each week. The exciting thing was that on freecycle - this group where people offer stuff they want to get rid of for free, had a gas dryer listed on it. I called and the guy still had the dryer in the back of his truck and said he'd just drop it by. So not only did we get a free gas dryer - but we got free delivery too! I couldn't believe how easy that one fell into our laps. Now I just have to brave the spiders in the basement to do laundry.

Earlier this month we went to Boise for Popsie's 80th birthday party. Here we are with the birthday boy. I know it is blurry - you can blame Karen.

At the party they put together a bunch of balloons. The two red balloons represent Popsie and Momsie, the yellow balloons all their kids, the green ones are grandkids and the blue ones great-grandkids. I'm not sure exactly how many there are, but I do know its over 100.

Here is mom and dad. They came for the party too. Aren't they cute! It was good to see them and spend some time with them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some House Updates

Just thought I'd put some updated pictrues of the house. Since the basement still has the mold problems we can't put anything down there yet. I'm also reluctant to hang anything up on the walls just yet. After all the repairing and painting, the curtains and the lights are about all I can do just yet.

This is the living room. I decided when I first started taking pictures I should take shots along the process from the same point of view.

These are the curtains we got up. I found these cool double rods that made it so I only had hang up one set of rods.

These are the wall scones we hung up. The one in the back by the blue wall is the one that we can't find a switch for! It works wonderfully, it just will stay on all the time. We took the light bulb out to save on electricity.

We put the same wall sconce in Patrick's office.

I didn't have a picture of the kitchen so I thought I'd put one in this time around. On the counter is the pepper plant that we grew from seeds. We didn't start the seeds soon enough so we had to bring him inside when the temperature dropped. I'm glad we did, the peppers ripened and we've eaten 3 of them. There are two more waiting to be cooked into something.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here are some of our Halloween pictures. No Costumes this year, but we did get some more Trick or Treaters than last year.

Spooky Jack-o-lantern.

Patrick and Jack.

Lisa and Jack.

Dawn on Halloween.
I suppose there are some nice things about Daylight Savings being extended so late in the year.