Monday, October 26, 2015

Reving up, counting down...

Definitely a busy one in our little corner of the universe!

Lisa is leaving for her double conference trip on Saturday. It was originally just going to be a one conference trip but then she was asked to present at the other one. So she's got one where she's been invited to present and another where she's working on making contacts and setting up for the job she really wants when she grows up...

(Ok, ignoring her comments about when  I'm going to grow up and continuing the bragging) She should also be getting bumped up to a higher position with Quality Matters soon (they're the ones who invited her to speak by the way). This is something that's been very good for her (even if it is tiring some times).

She is  on hiring committee for the university (again) and hoping to be done with her dissertation this year (leading to some speculation on several peoples parts about where we will be next year (even without me using our moving to scare our bishop...)).

The conference trip is actually going to be a bit of a challenge for reasons that I'll be talking about in my Wordsmeanstuff post on Friday (no, I'm not going to say it here, because if I don't there's 0.0000001% chance somebody who reads this blog will go and read that blog....)

So next question (and one not addressed in the WMS post...). What will I be doing while Lisa is gone... (thanks to Akinius)

The week Lisa is gone is the first week of National Novel Writing Month (I may have mentioned that before) so, as much as possible, most of my other writing projects will be on hold while I bust out a 50,000 plus word book in thirty days (actually 26 since I try to take Sundays off...).

I will also be doing camera stuff for three or four videos that are on my list to get done. Three of the videos are associated with the chainmaille book so I need to bust those out quick! The fourth one is actually another shop project video that's tied to another project I'm working on (but more about that later (if I talk about and work on that one I'm up to seven book projects on the running list and my official limit is five...).

Note: if the city burns down while Lisa is gone it's not my fault this time! Nothing (almost nothing) I'll be working on involves fire (ok, except that one... and that one... and maybe that one... and the kid in the book might set something on fire (it still won't be my fault if the city burns though... I was working on some other project at the time...))

Speaking of the chainmaille book... you'll notice I haven't really mentioned the chainmaille book or the Kickstarter project. Kickstarter isn't really going too well. But I'm not bitter.

Actually a couple of things have happened behind the scenes that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't launched the Kickstarter and had it follow the course it has so far...

One way or another, Kickstarter or no Kickstarter this thing is launching!

Why I chose something from Starblazers (and even more so a Starblazers Pachinco machine) is something for another post, but I'd like to thank SonicBoom for the clip.

I found the solution to my 'doing this as an ebook' issues and funding that will definitely help with some test kits for select testers. So if the Kickstarter goes it goes. If it doesn't it's actually way easier for me to do it the other way (so actually if you want to slow me down, make the Kickstarter go through...). My royalties will actually be higher on the ebook too (We're talking $2.00 to $3.50 per copy on a $5.00 ebook versus to $1.00 to $1.50 per copy on a dead tree edition...). I'm still planning on the release date I listed in the Kickstarter (April Fools Day just seems right!).

Can I actually pull it off? There are only 156 days left.

That's it for this week.
Till next time... Remember...
Insanity is a sane reaction to an insane world!

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