Monday, November 2, 2015

Growing up is hard to do (even when you're an 'adult')

Things change, that's part of life. If living things don't change they die. One of the things that needs to change for me is that my writing needs to be better, all of my writing. Since it is sort of what I do now I need to treat it with more respect. I need to put more time and effort into the things I write, even when it's 'just a blog post'.

I also need to make better use of the social media that I have available to me.

Put these things together and you get less blog posts here. Some of my posts here have been more like a couple of Facebook posts strung together. I can do better than that.

So, I will be cutting back here, posting no more than every other week. The posts will be higher quality posts, it's the respect you, I, and the blog deserve. I will also be putting things that 'belong' on Facebook on Facebook. I may talk about the same things there and here. I probably will talk about the same things, but the posts will be longer, more in depth, and more though out here. The quick off the cuff stuff will go more on Facebook where it belongs.

Videos won't be going away, but they'll be here less often and more of them will be my own stuff. Hey, I'm making them so why not!

Craft projects / art / shiny things will be here; more of them and more regularly/predictably. I reminded myself that balance is needed in all thing and that includes between the work shop and the writing desk. That means more cool stuff to show up here.

Recipes and food stuff will continue to show up here occasionally, so will diabetes stuff. These are things of our adventures and they belong here. They also deserve better treatment than they've been getting lately.

A while back (after I started WMS, but before they left Rexburg) one of the sister in laws asked if I write out the stuff for this blog before I put it up. The answer was no; I did for WMS but not for The Adventures. Now, the answer is changing to yes and no. It honestly is going to depend on the subject matter and what's going on (probably a lot less prewriting during NANOWRIMO  and deep/serious edits on major projects and a lot more while I'm in more of a marketing/proofing/selling phase).

I've talked about going to every other week and Lisa filling in in-between before. That was a mistake. Two mistakes actually: 1) Lisa is busy and can't always post every other week; 2) I let myself get sucked back into posting every week because I felt like it was necessary.

Things change. Lisa is welcome to post and will when she feels like it. I will be posting at most every other week. It's about the quality of the writing and your time (and mine); sometimes a bad product is worse than no product at all. (If any one really insists on hearing from me every week (Yeah, in my dreams...) they could go read WMS  I'll still be doing that one weekly)

This time I'm not going to feel bad if a week goes by with no post here. I've told you what's going on and it really is for all our benefit. Maybe with less and better posts here there will be more comments (and maybe the Fathers Day Tie post will get bumped out of the "most popular post" slot).

Well that's the news.

Lisa may be posting about her trip next week. If not, then I'll see you in two!
Take care.

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