Monday, October 19, 2015

The Adventure Continues... (again?) (pretties below...)

First off I'd like to thank everyone who has shared the information about the Kickstarter campaign (Chainmail Bottle Carriers). Friday's blog post here got the most views of any that we've put up in a while. (Yay!)

I also realized that I really don't have an indication of who has shared anything along, so if you did and you want to let me know post a comment or send an email to

The good news (for me) is somebody has definitely checked out the Kickstarter.

The bad news (for me) is that the only response I've gotten is two outside people who've offered to promote the Kickstarter for cash...

The bad news (for other people) is that I'm about to ask people to do something again...

The good news (for other people) is 1) I'm going to get this out of my system and then the rest of the post is good stuff; 2) for the most part what I'm asking is painless; 3) I've actually improved the low dollar rewards on the Kickstarter.

So what I'm asking is... 1) again if you're so inclined, tell people about and/or share the project. 2) I need one brave soul to break the ice and make a pledge! I would do it myself, Lisa would do it, but if any account that's got my name on it contributes the whole thing gets shut down (it's an ethics thing... and Kickstarter's rules.).

Now, I've actually sweetened the pot. Five dollar contributors now get the PDF of the finished book when it comes out.

I'd really like to get to the 30% mark (which brings us to a 90% chance that other people are going to jump in and bring it the rest of the way) but for now I'll be satisfied with one contributor... (will it be you?)

Ok now that part is done and we can get on to things that are really scary...

Orange bell pepper Jack o' lantern. The store was having a sale and it just seemed right!

Not scary enough?
How about...

A maniac with a knife!

Real knife, part time maniac... I got the knife at a local rock show as a reward for getting the book together and the Kickstarter running. I've learned a lot on this project already so I'm calling it a win. The question is just how big of a win.

We also got other goodies...

This one is Lisa's prize. Those are actual crystals in tiny cracks in the rock. Love to tell you where to get one, but the supply is some what limited (especially now that the quarry they come from is closed (unsafe for mining)).

One of my other goodies for the trip...this one is going to be put to work pretty quickly but after it's cut the pieces are tumble polished, so the finish pictures are at least a month out if I started cutting right now (actually 37 days because the current tumbler load still has a week to run...).

In other news Lisa's getting closer to proposing her dissertation and collecting data. She's debating on timing and whether going to graduation is really important to her. I want to tell her it is (but of course she expects that out of her husband (she might believe some of you guys better)).

As always, more to say and more going on, but I've babbled on  enough for now...

As my parting thought...
When the negative people start showing up and going all Laman and Lemuel  with their "I told you you couldn't do it" talk; tell them what I tell them...

Until next time,
Take care, but take the good risks too!

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