Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

I was hoping this morning that the precipitation today would lean more to the rain than the snow, but no. This is southeast Idaho and for some reason the clouds send us snow. Our little seedlings that we planted inside are doing well. Of course, we did buy the heating pad that goes under the seedling starter box to keep the roots warm. It seems to be working. Although we have not seen any sign of the rosemary. We have at least one plant of everything else we started. We will see how they do when we transplant them.

This picture is a week ago, but we have the beginnings or tomatoes, basil, cilantro, chives, sweet peppers, poblano peppers, brussel sprouts, lavender and hopefully some rosemary. They should be ready to be outside in May.

Another recent change is my hair. Here is the before picture. One of the few times you'll hear me say "please take a picture of my derriere".

The hairdresser braided my hair very nicely and then asked how much to cut. The minimum donation that Locks of Love wants is 10 inches. I had her cut 12 inches and then she still cut more off to give me my nice new haircut.

Here it is with the ruler, just to prove...12 inches. I hope that some child will benefit from my hair.

I still have the oddball picture for people to guess what it is. It will be coming soon. I hope Spring has happened in your neck of the woods. I'll keep watching and hoping for our little corner of Idaho.

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