Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Philly Cooking Creme Party!

On March 12th - I hosted a Philly Cooking Creme Party!  (Yeah, houseparty.com!)

On the menu was...

Homemade Pizza Rolls
Homemade Pizza Dough
Red Pepper
Handful of Mozerella
Italian Cooking Creme

I chopped up all the pizza toppings into tiny dices.  Then mixed in the cheese and the cooking creme.  Rolled out portions of the dough, cut into rectangles.  Taking each rectangle I scooped some of the mix in the middle and pinched all the sides closed. - cooked according to the dough recipe, served with some pizza sauce for dipping.

Chicken Veloute Supreme Soup
This was, by far the favorite recipe of the night.  I wasn't sure about this so I made some the week before and loved it.  Due to the fact that I couldn't find any of the Garlic Cooking Creme, I had to make some changes.


First - the whole trying to make a rue with mushrooms still in the pan, just didn't work for me.  May work for you, but I didn't do so well.  I sautéed the mushrooms and then pulled them out of the pan, made a rue with equal amounts of flour and butter and then returned everything back to the pan.

Second - I used only half a tub of regular cooking creme (Cheryl used a whole thing of regular cream cheese whipped with some milk).  I then added about a teaspoon or so of garlic.

Third - I added green onions.

This soup REALLY needs to be served with good bread.  Dipping bread into the soup is just too wonderful for words.

Santa Fe Casserole
I had no doubts that this would be good.  Notes for next time...Add in chopped olives and perhaps a small can of green chiles!

Creamy Bacon Pasta
Again I couldn't find anything but the regular cooking creme the day of the party, so instead of the italian creme listed in the recipe, I used regular. I forgot to add some garlic when I sautéed the onions - that would have been good.  The next day I reheated this with some extra cheese - that made it much better.  (Isn't everything better with a little cheese?)

Cream Cheese mini tarts
Cream Cheese tart shells
Filled with nutella, peach-raspberry jam and pear butter
I have to say that these little things are ADDICTIVE.  I have now made three batches - well the third batch is in the oven as I write.  I don't know if I would make these any bigger than the mini-muffin size.  Although the suggestion of pushing the dough out flat and baking it as one big dessert sounded good.  I am justed excited to have a mini-muffin pan - plus I love little things.  I have also added vanilla and almond to the batter.

If you would like to comment on Philly Cooking Creme see this link.

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