Saturday, April 19, 2014

Early post!

Ok, I know I usually post on Mondays (and we will have some stuff to talk about next Monday), but I wanted to get this out of the way...

For any one who has ever said "that bites"

Sometimes it does, even when your huntin' rocks!

Um lets see... "I've always wanted to write something that has a bite to it...."

(I really need another prop in there for this one...) "some times you have to fight tooth and nail for what you want..."

<insert annoying pun here>

Lets look at that again...

Those are real sharks teeth we found in some gem gravel... and real amethyst, real citrine, real rose quartz, a couple real tourmies... sadly that's not real's real pyrite!

Remember sometimes life bites, but sometimes there is an opportunity there too, like a chance to bite life back with it's own teeth!

Have a great Easter (and lets try to get the puns out of our systems by Monday, because there are serious things to talk about (Honest I can be serious for two maybe even three whole minutes!!!))

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