Monday, August 18, 2014

Reading, Knitting, Tomatoes, Croutons, and Music

Lest anyone think that I don't have any projects of my own, I thought I would post a picture of at least one of my projects.

But in reality the majority of my time is spent reading.  I have found a topic that I'm excited about for my dissertation, so I am totally interested in the reading.  And when your books talk about things like "mindtools" in the context of problem solving, I think it does "count" for the blog.

So, apart from reading, (which is almost a constant), I knit to keep me sane.  I'm almost 3/4 the way through my (one of my) projects.  This one works well because I only need to keep track of the number of rows, which are easy to count.  This project is for Patrick, and he is looking forward to using it this winter.

I have other projects on my list and in process, which will have to wait for other posts.  I need to get some of them out of the knitting phd (projects half done).  I think Marisa and I might attempt socks when she comes for Thanksgiving!

As you know, we (well Patrick) planted some tomatoes, yellow cayenne peppers and dragon cayenne peppers.  The majority of the yellow cayennes are being dried.  They work great in crockpot meals and are essential for Tito's shredded beef.  We have yet to test the dragon cayenne peppers, as they have taken a bit longer to ripen.  The tomatoes have been amazing, and mostly used in salads.  We have been adding them to make a quick Cesar Salad.  The key to the salad have been the tomatoes and homemade croutons! (Who knew that homemade croutons and tomatoes from the garden would have Patrick asking to have salad with dinner.) (uh....Patrick who?)

And so, I need to get back to that reading stuff and probably some writing as well.  I have realized (again) how important music is to me and recently found this video by the a capella group at BYU called Vocal Point.  They were just beginning when I graduated, but the Men's choir in joined them for this song.  I would go to the Men's Choir concert every semester I could.  I think they do an amazing job with this song, and so I leave you with a short video.

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