Monday, September 8, 2014

the iceburg principle... or... sometimes you don't see it comming

Ok, so, I've admitted that the wall/workbench/saw project would have complications I didn't expect (by the way the cut down the wall, fix the wall, put the wall back up thing goes down this week....); however, at no point did I expect my house to throw rocks at me!

I'm working on cutting out a crack with my trusty angle grinder so I can fill it with a repair compound... the crack goes just past this rock in the wall and...


It turns out the rock went under the surface... The angle grinder caught it and... Zoom Bang! It goes ballistic! Now, some of you have called me paranoid for wearing a face shield over safety glasses when I run that thing, but this would not be the first time I've had to deal with angle grinder shrapnel! I forgot the iceberg principle, things can be bigger than the part we see. This also applies to jobs, callings, stupid articles you submit for publication (sent that in too, but it may be a while before I hear back (that said I'll hear back tomorrow...)). Fortunately this iceberg didn't rip into anything important, but it does serve as a reminder about safety gear.

Also this weekend we went to the fair... if we had the space I found two sheep that are kind of my sort (they were trying to escape their pen!), a bunny that looked more like a cotton ball with a face, and...

Ok, so I officially can't go anywhere without doing something involving rocks or metal... 

I think they qualify for an iceberg post as you could find those colors in a glacier. They are calcite and destined for some carvings.

One of the big draws was the art competitions including fine art (that's where the sculpture is), needle craft (Duh!), and hobbies/crafts (jewelry).  Found some neat stuff, decided I have to enter next year (I can take these guys...) and discovered some people are rrreeeaaalllyyy obsessed with cake decorating!

Breaking this point in the post Lisa gave me permission to pick on her for not posting next week... but given she has a book chapter do next Monday, a dissertation prospectus that needed to get done and it was the first two weeks of the fall semester (so the campus was struggling to get it's act together) I'm not going to be too critical... Instead I bring you what I've had to do to get Lisa out of work a couple times so far this semester... (and yes I was wearing the costume :p (well, the armor Lisa still won't make me a cloak :-(    ))

Hmmmm, come to think of it I might want to wear the armor when I open up that wall (just in case the house throws more rocks...)

Well, that's it for today and until next time remember... remember... darn it what was I going to say???

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