Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the mean time...

Ok... so... we didn't get a post up last week or on Monday... Lots going on unfortunately not much in a place to do a fun post about.

Lisa is working on dissertation stuff as well as working and with the holidays it's big time for her calling with music. I'm trying to get a novella out by the end of the year as well as the workshop and working on the house...

And that's where the "fun" happens.. been waiting for saw parts for about three weeks. And the temperature when we got  up this morning was three (3) not 30 not 33 not 83 but three. It's a  good thing I'm trying to focus on writing right now because there is a limit to what kind of home repair and improvement you can do when the temperature is three.

In brighter news we got a new Assistant Ward Clerk for Finance (AWCF) in our ward two Sundays ago and I'm happy to say last Sunday he and our new counselor in the bishopric were counting tithing and my new assistant clerk was actually helping me train the new counselor! Still a lot to go for both but a really really good sign! My old AWCF isn't exactly fading away either he's being ordained a high priest and is the new assistant to the high priests group leader.

With some of the changes in the ward some folks have wondered if I'm not frustrated at having been in and out of the clerks office for the last 14 years and not having been called to the bishopric. Answer... NOPE! I'm right where I need to be. When our new bishop was called last year I was given not only a full new bishopric but two new assistant clerks to deal with. That's five out of seven people in the bishopric brand new (well the bishop did spend a few months as a counselor then a year on the high council but still...) and the executive secretary had only been in a few months. This time around as clerk is a lot more about teaching and leading as a clerk rather than just serving and doing the work.

I've also spent a year in that span as an assistant to the high priest group leader and then a year as the high priest group leader. If I'm called to be in the bishopric I'll answer the call. If not... well between having been high priest group leader and working in Psycho Social Rehab I've handled my share of 1:00 AM crisis calls. As is I'm in a position where I get to work with people in small groups or one on one (my preferred modis operandi) and I have really gotten to see men and women stand taller and do more than they ever thought they could. I am a servant of the Lord and a tool in his hands. I am serving where he has asked me to and that's where I need to be.

'Nuff said?

Hopefully next week we get to say more about some cool projects... so till then...

{um wait! Patrick you never do one of these without pictures...} True. I can't stand it either...

The Himalaya is coming!

(Now what that means is... well, wait, read and find out!)

Till next time God bless. And remember: First you do what you have to do. Then you do what you can do. Then you do what you can't do. (St Francis)

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