Monday, January 18, 2016

Something I've learned

OK gang, today's post is a little bit different. Specifically the main point of the post isn't here!

Actually it's here, on Wordsmeanstuff.  Yes, the main point of today's post is on my other blog (not really planing on writing it twice!)

This is something from an actual event in the process of changing ward boundaries... which by the way is a pain in the (explicitve deleted).

In other news Lisa is hoping to propose her dissertation and gather the data this semester. Over on his side of the house Patrick has finished the first major editing pass for the novel Johnson Farm which, in spite of heavy pruning of words, has managed to gain 10 pages and about a thousand words in the process. There is also something about entering a national short story contest, but I'll get back to the fiction stuff in two weeks, or when I'm $3,000 richer which ever comes first.

That's it for this week.
Until next time remember,
no idea is a complete failure...
it can always be used as a bad example!

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