Monday, March 14, 2016

Now whose idea was this again???

Whose idea was this again?

Oh... um... right... mine.

As regular readers of the blog may have noticed I actually missed writing here last week. Sorry about that there's a lot going on. Most of it is exciting and good (assuming we don't go entirely ballistic in the process).

Lisa is still hoping to do her dissertation proposal this semester and doing the conference thing. So she's really busy on good stuff but there's not a lot to write about on her side of the house at the moment.

On my side of the office (literally we share an office...) my Chainmail bottle carriers book is getting closer to publication.

I have all the scripts for the videos in (still entering edits on the last two but I have them ready as soon as the edits are transcribed) and most of the materials ready for them. Now I just need a camera person for the live video portions (No I'm not planning on shooting the video while using my torch (trying not to go to the hospital this year...)).

On the text side of the book I'm getting feedback from testers and working on edits. It won't be April first most likely but still planning on an April release date.

Johnson farm (the novel I talked about last time) is out of my hands at the moment, but that's a good thing. Since I can't actually stop working on stories I'm working on a short story collection that will support a couple of other projects. More will come out on that side as things move along.

Assuming I don't go entirely video crazy (or clobber someone in the ongoing ward change drama) I'm officially putting up our ETSY store this week! There will be two items in our initial offerings...

First off... the Mark Three bottle carriers that I developed after last year's hospital incident. Some of you have seen these close up and they are also featured in the book that's coming out. I'm offering a range of colors, and yes that one on the right is 'camo' I could do it with anodized aluminum making it really camo colored but that would be a more expensive version. I'm also thinking about doing team colors / school colors and so on as things go. "Standard" (premade) models will cost a little less than choosing your own colors or patterns because the 'choose your own' is considered custom (If you really want custom buy the book!).


This started life as a interim/test model cane chain, which I really liked. I am now starting to make them as jewelry (hoping the black kind of works with some of the goth types). I'm planning on offering the same colors as I do with the MK3s but I'm also going to offer some with glow in the dark rings (don't have any of those made yet...)

No, probably not going to make my fortune with the ETSY store, but I make this stuff for fun so I might as well sell some. And, it's another revenue stream and way to get my name out there (and since it ties in to some of the stuff I'm writing about it counts as a marketing project).

Speaking of the cane...

A couple people have been bugging me about the cane. I was on the verge of giving it up until I remembered a couple of things...
And found this...

I remembered I actually do a lot more with my cane than walk with it (actually I don't need it for walking except for certain sets of really annoying stairs that lack hand rails in the right places...). It's a toy/trademark item for me now so why give that up?

That's it for this time. Hopefully back in two (and if not my publisher promises to send an apology!)

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