Monday, July 18, 2016

Some News from Lisa...

Just a few months ago, I (Lisa) decided to submit an application for one of the few internships for AECT (Association for Educational Communications & Technology).  I scrambled to update my CV (long resume for those outside of academia), answer questions about my goals and research (like I really know what I want to do when I grow up), and had a faculty advisor willing to squeak in a letter of support just under the deadline.

There are limited spots for these internships.  What would this get me?

Registration and hotel costs for the AECT 2016 conference are covered along with a stipend to help with travel.  In addition, during the conference I will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from leaders in instructional design, learning, and technology .  Following the conference I will be paired up with one of those leaders as a mentor to help me continue to progress as I transition from PhD student to professional.

(What would it get Patrick? - a week long most expenses paid trip to Vegas to write, and write and write.)

I completed my undergraduate degree years ago, so in many ways I do not feel like your regular PhD student.  In other words, it feels like I'm on a second or third career and falling behind.

I was already planning to attend this conference.  The presentation I submitted was accepted, and I had already committed to helping with the 3MT Competition (See Conferences and Travel (Lisa's belated post))

This morning I received in my email inbox...
Lisa, congratulations!
You are a recipient of a 2016 AECT Leadership Internship. You join a prestigious and small group of people who have become leaders in the field...

I was selected as one of the three Cochran Interns!

AECT 2016 Internship Announcement

I was so excited!  And extremely grateful for this opportunity. 

While my life has not always taken the expected path, I have been extremely blessed with opportunities to grow and progress in my professional life.  From opportunities to further my education to kind comments from professional men and women I admire to affirmations like this award; all small indications of the Lord's hand in my life letting me know that I am where I need to be, doing what the He wants me to do.

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