Sunday, August 31, 2008

And the work goes on...

The work this week has gone on. Slowly but surely things are looking better and better. Not many pictures this week. Most of visible work happened in the last two days. Here are some pictures...

We rented the big floor sander and Patrick went to work. You can see the first section done for the first sanding behind him.

Lisa took on hand sanding the edges. Thank goodness for power tools.

Bye, Bye big machine. Notice it is still light outside! It only took us two days of sanding. Not too bad for sanding 1520 sq. ft.! Next on to fixing the walls - lot of old holes and a few places where the plaster has come off the laths. And the hole in the wall for a mailbox. Our first day working the mailman introduced himself to Patrick and told him that our mailbox sucked. We agreed - a giant hole in the wall during winter didn't appeal to us either.
Speaking of introductions...we've met more of our new neighbors in the past two weeks than we have met in the place we are at now.

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angela said...

Lookin' good. Glad it's you and not me. Can I rent it when you're done? We're gettin' kicked out again :) Fun times. So whose gonna have their house done first - Lisa or Scott?