Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lows and Highs

Well we made it through the first week. Tired, tired and more tired. Still more ahead of us, but at least we have a few things looking up for us.

Low----This a picture of one of the lows...the water seepage/leaking into the basement. This is the leak on the basement floor. The outside wall was still damp on Saturday - two days later. We have a guy coming to look at the mold in the basement room on Tuesday and a co-worker of Lisa's has a husband who worked mostly in concrete. We are going to see if he can recommend someone to look at the leak and give us some suggested next steps.

Middle---This is part of our documenting the wallpaper. This green floral is the base in the bedrooms as well as part of the hallway closet. I believe I'm up to seeing evidence of 8 different wallpapers. Luckily not all on top of each other, but the 4 layers in the back bedroom are proving difficult.

Again more of the wall paper documenting. Oh, and Lisa in a blue hat. Normally this is my rock hounding hat - keeps the sun off the top of my head and ears and is easy for Patrick to find me when he wanders off on his own rock hunt. I has proven helpful in keeping things from falling in between my eyes and my glasses, as well as keeping sweat and stray hairs out of my face.

High---This is the linoleum in the back bedroom. As Patrick was pulling up the carpet staples it just came up in one giant piece. As Patrick says, "The house rejected it." And nice surprise - hardwood underneath!

This is the hardwood in the back bedroom. After everything else this week, this was a very nice surprise. I have to end on the good things.

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