Friday, January 23, 2009

Just another day in Idaho

I thought I should update. This week we got word back that the mold is gone. They came and demolished and cleaned last week, but it took a week to get the results of the clearance test. The ducts, furnace and AC units have all been cleaned - man were they dirty. We didn't like running the systems because we knew it was dirty and didn't want to distribute the mold spores all over.

The house seemed to sigh with us as all these things have finally been taken care of. We still lots to do. The most important at the moment is fixing the foundation. Nothing major - but lots of cement repairwork to be done. Things are slowly being moved out of the front room, now that we can put some stuff downstairs. Another big sigh to more room and less feeling like we just moved in.

We've had a visitor with us the past month. Madi's class is doing Flat Stanley - a creative way to encourage kids to read and write. It is based on a book about a kid who gets flattened and realizes he can travel to his friends through the mail. We have "Flat Lisa" staying with us. So far she hasn't been to anything too exciting. I'll get some pictures up to share. My computer seems to not want to go look for pictures.

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maryk1014 said...

Great news about the mold (or lack of)! I'm sure it's a huge relief and I'm glad that you'll be able to move on with your plans for the house.