Saturday, August 28, 2010

House Repairs

We talked all winter about the things that needed to be done when the weather got warmer.  More work on the foundation, flower beds need edging and mulch, clean out in between the windows, seal the windows better, clean and re-coat the front porch and the list goes on...However, spring and summer have come and are almost gone and most of the list still remains.  The garden got planted, but the two tomatoes never got moved to the front porch.  We've enjoyed our fresh vegetables, even if I haven't been the best at weeding.  And then came the leak, it was just a tiny one.  A tiny little spout off the main valve.  The plumber came to fix it and heard some additional hissing - more leaks in the concrete - just out of finger reach.  With a main water line dating from the 1930's we knew we'd have to replace just wasn't on the list for this year. So for the past week we've had some unplanned (for this summer) renovations on the house.  I'm sure if my nieces and nephews were around they would have enjoyed watching the tractors.  As of today, it is still not done, but at least they haven't turned off the water yet.

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