Thursday, January 27, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Or perhaps I should title should say "about the same as always".  My goal is to take more pictures this year.  (We'll see if that really happens.)  January is just about over and we are definitely ready for spring.  There is lots to do - a war to rage on the invading morning glory, grass to plant in the front yard, always work on the basement.  I have been knitting a lot.  Many babies being born around me.  I need to do better about getting more blankets done - and taking pictures of them.  I do have a knitting journal I started way back, but have not been faithfully entering the information.  A fair chunk of my Christmas money went to buy yarn.  I was soooo excited!

On the organizing front we finally made our hallway closet a bit more useful.  It is an odd shape - deep and skinny.  It had been stacked with boxes, but anytime I needed to get to something I had to pull out the boxes and then they would sit in the living room until I was done.  My goal over break was to organize the little closet.  We decided to utilize the rolling cart in the kitchen.  So we bought some replacement shelves for the kitchen, wiped down the kitchen cart and then my break was over :-(  I spent too many nights up late watching movies and knitting.

So, the long weekend in January (Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday), I said I was not going to sleep on Monday until the organizing was done.  We bought a bunch of project-sized boxes, I finally found my labeler and I went to work.  Stuff was moved. Stuff was thrown out. I found old projects and put them in their boxes with labels.  Now looking in the closet, it is still very crowded, but at least now I can roll out the boxes in the front to get to the stuff in back!

It was a long day - but very worth it!  Now if only my desk could get itself organized.

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