Monday, February 23, 2015

Mini Breakfast Sandwiches, snow, and blocking

I'm finally jumping in and posting something.  Patrick has done a great job keeping you updated with the happenings around here.

This past weekend began with a new breakfast experiment, little sourdough biscuit breakfast sandwiches!  These were a roll out and cut type of biscuit as opposed to the quick drop biscuits he normally makes.  They were definitely good!  I kept eating the biscuits with butter and honey!

We had a little bit of snow on Friday night/Saturday morning, but were not expecting our front yard to look like a bean bag had exploded!  It has been a rather mild winter.  I understand there was snow over Christmas, but as we were in California, we missed it.

In January Patrick posted some strange looking wood pieces that he made for me (See 
What did he do this time...)  Now to add some more strangeness, I used them this past weekend to block a shawl I finished in January.  As is is a triangular shawl, I only ended up using two - although I was prepared to put the 4 together and use string for the angle.  It all worked out well, and the shawl was blocked and dry within 24 hours!

Patrick did keep asking why we had a hang glider in the house.  While it was a bit cumbersome, as I was trying to get the two lengths to stay at a nice angle, this was definitely easier than flat blocking - and I didn't have to clear off the table (which is currently piled with various other project components.)

Writing is coming along, slowly.  Thanks to Patrick and his amazing statistical support, I think my prospectus took a good turn and has settled into the use of a MANCOVA (don't worry if you don't know what that is.  All that really matters is that I'm comparing 6 groups across six measures to see if there are any differences, while controlling for the effects of 3 other things.  Not that that is much clearer.)

Next week you will hopefully get to see some of the pictures of the project that Patrick has in process.  It has really turned out pretty amazing - if I don't say so myself.

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Sir Patrick said...

Well, MANCOVA is a statistical test that is like ANCOVA, but, you know, more manly!!! But seriously it's a way of testing how a small group of things interact while filtering out the effects of other stuff.