Monday, March 2, 2015

But his girlfriend is the blond...

Ok, last week Lisa said I was going to talk about one of my 'cool' projects this week, and I am! (several actually) But, I'm probably not going to show you the one she was talking about. Why? Sewing machines... Apparently 1) they're more complicated than they look; 2) in spite of my skills in a number of areas I'm not really all that good at sewing; and 3) no matter how many cool settings your machine might have there is no sewing machine I'm aware of with a 16 gauge 1/4 inch European four in one setting!

I've got two chain mail projects that will be ready to put up soon. The metal part is done, but both require a fabric inner section that I haven't quite got worked out yet... Hopefully I'll have them (or at least one) worked out before the next time I post. I would have had one ready but the sewing part is taking longer than I planned (like I said sewing ain't really my specialty (I'm more of the cut/burn/explode persuasion...))

Both of these are classified as serious projects because they are my own developments and I'm planning on writing up and selling instructions for them both (both are simpler than the dreaded Christmas owls (sorry about that!))

Lisa's book chapter is ready to go. As of last I knew she just had to sign the permission to print form, scan it and send it in. But, as of last I knew she hasn't done that yet... So, Lisa, no publication party for you! (at least until you get the forms filled out and sent in)

On one level my novella is finished. On another level it's in that 'sensitive' phase of editing (that would be the one where someone who isn't me is reading it over and giving me notes on it). On the one hand I really hate this part. On the other hand this part, and the editing that follows, makes the story better and stronger.

In this case the first 'note' to come out of it is that I need to improve/clarify the voice for one of my characters...

In a weirdly related note...I do listen to music while I'm editing and in some cases writing. When I put on Youtube just before I started writing this post this is the first video that came up...

Now the question is: Is Rory standing in for me or my character?

In all seriousness I had some ideas how to fix things for the character and watching this really did cement what I need to do for him. This is important because in addition to the novella I'm working on a novel that has many of the same characters (related but different story) and the character in question moves into a more central roll in the novel.

Also in this area my other blog Words Mean Stuff will be up and running again this week (and this time I mean it!!!)

Well, that's about it for this week. (well except for cooking news (but that's not quite ready yet either...).

Lisa should be back next week (hopefully with a book chapter permission form sent in...) and I will be back in two (with either: pictures of a finished chain mail project or two, or pictures of Lisa's sewing machine on fire!)


Sir Patrick said...

I should clarify on this it's my character's GF who's a blond I know that Amy is a ginger!

Sir Patrick said...

Note... the sewing portion of the project was successfully completed (well we're modifying the second one but we've got a working piece for the first one) and no sewing machines were harmed in the process (other items weren't quite as lucky...(how was I to know you're not supposed to rip seams with your trust poleaxe???))