Monday, March 30, 2015

Is that a fish bowl or my spare head???

Yep we missed last week. It was Lisa's turn but you can blame me. In two words kidney first bout with the buggers and things got complicated. But, everyone is feeling relatively better now.

This week we have two fun things for you.

First a new armor weave I've been playing with

This is scale maille. The scales are a proprietary scale made and sold only at, but the general design would work with a similar scale you make yourself. The materials seen here are also the exact materials used for the elf armor in the Hobbit movies...

Here's the back

As you can see this kind of scale maille is a form of chainmaille. There are two others: one where the scales are riveted to cloth or leather (like to try that), and one where the scales are laced together (tried that not as fond of it as the chainmaille kind).

Scale maille is interesting because the force hitting one scale spreads out to the scales around it, softening the blow in any one place.

Not ready to say what I actually intend to make with it (this is my first test/learning piece) but its going to be fun.

Second item:

Some time last year I bought a cheap fish bowl as part of a line of jokes Lisa and I were doing. The guy at the store thought I was kidding when I said I was going to put rocks in it but,,,

Now the scary part from today...

It's getting full! and that doesn't include the other bowl that I'm putting little stones in (or the ones that I've pulled for projects, actually made projects with, given away, left in the car after showing someone, or Lisa's private museum of natural history in her office...). So if anyone thinks I've got rocks in my head... nope they're on the coffee table!

Tumbler is on park for a couple of other projects but I doubt I'll be running out of shiny rocks for a while (and instead of playing with the tumbler in ten days that's another hour or so I have to actually make something with these things (Hopefully pictures of some of that in April))

Well, I think that's today's post.
Be nice
Be kind
Be good.
Hopefully Lisa is back next week.

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