Monday, April 20, 2015

A little more sure

Lisa and I are definitely bouncing back, but it takes a while...

Words Mean Stuff (my other blog (you know the one with the thinky stuff...) is picking up likes and followers on a regular basis again (slow but regular and we're working on the slow...) this is kinda important because it fits more into my professional writer persona.

Lisa is progressing toward her dissertation proposal and should be getting a proof copy for her book chapter within the next month or two.

We also found time to make it up to the Idaho Falls rock show...

If you noticed on  Lisa's last post a couple things were missing...

1) I always pick up tiger eye.

Well we got it this week!

Top left is kinda both of our favorite

2) I'm known for picking up the catapult shot size stuff and we didn't get that last week.

This week we loaded up!

This is a massive opal (sadly not the fiery kind though) on  some base rock. It's a definite carver!

Also in the running this week...

Two auction wins. The green one is mine and the other is a 'Lisa Rock'. I think I kinda torqued a guy off by winning the green one, but that stone has a purpose in my shop...

Just a cool red Jasper here folks mostly picked this one to round off the price of a bunch of slabs...

Speaking of slabs!

Probably my favorite of the day. Check this out!

Light in front of it, light be hind it, winner either way!

One last goodie I got for Lisa

Labradorite not the easiest thing to find or cut but cool. We need a better camera to really show it off!

Well, that's the rocky road we walked ;-)

There's more (there's always more), but a lot falls into the category of "aught not to be revealed at this time"; so I won't reveal it yet!

Good luck,
take care,
see you next week!

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