Monday, April 27, 2015

Running Away...

So, after some very crazy weeks, and the upcoming end of the semester, we needed a break.  (I think we also get antsy as spring comes around.  The uncertainty of the weather in the winter makes traveling a bit more anxiety producing.)

So, from our travels we brought back...
  • German chocolate
  • French pastries
  • Chinese sauces and mixes
  • A baseball grenade (empty)
  • Some zippers
  • Pre-polish grit for the tumbler
  • Some rocks - just two little ones for Lisa's office collection
  • Little boxes
  • New pants for Patrick
I find it great that we can travel 2 1/2 hours away and have such an international experience!

We did skip the Brazilian BBQ and the Belgian frites and waffles this time around, but the point was to step away from work and re-orient ourselves.  The German deli  - Seigfreid's Deli - had priorities this time around, and we did breakfast at Les Madeleines.  I had the best English muffin ever! Homemade really does make a difference.  We, of course, brought home some of the pastries - you just can't get enough of the good stuff here!

We ended up in a great little hotel suite, with a good bed - which helped us both to sleep better than either of us had for a while.

With a lazy Friday, semi-wandering around Salt Lake it gave us much needed time to talk.  Although, work - both teaching and writing filtered into the conversation, that is nothing unusual for us.  At dinner Thursday night, we think the table next to us changed their conversation as an attempt to counter our pretty heady and theoretical conversation.

Throughout the weekend we discussed the lesson I taught on Sunday, (which I think went really well) a talk from the October General Conference by Sister Carol F. McConkie entitled Live according to the Words of the Prophets.  I love that we can talk about everything - especially scripture and gospel topics.

Next spring we are going to plan to go to the Winter Solstice Writing Retreat (See Solstice Writer Retreat Blog and High Valley Arts Website).

Sorry, no pictures this week, perhaps next week.

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