Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Ideally Lisa is putting up another post that's an update on us. If not I will put it up tomorrow. Today I have other fish to fry...

Today is Memorial Day, that would be a day to remember those who served their country. Specifically it was put in place to remember those who died in war, but I think it is a good courtesy remember all those who've served and died in combat or not... (no I am not forgetting the living... that would be Veterans Day (and every other day of the year if you actually have any idea what our military family goes through...)).

In our (Lisa and my) family this count includes three grandfathers (I'm not aware of one of my grandfathers serving, but he has his own stories), a wide range of uncles, and a variety of cousins. These are real people who really put it on the line for our country, for our freedom, for us. We owe them a debt and  a great deal of respect. We are a country of the free because of the brave.

By all means take your day and enjoy the freedom that we have been blessed with, but take some time to remember the cost. Remember those who loved us and our country enough to pay the ultimate price. They did what they did for us.

I'm having a hard time expressing everything I feel about our military and those who've served (and I'm a writer, so I'd expect myself to do a better than average job!!!). I think I am going to end with a video that speaks to what I'm feeling. The music is by the band Sabaton. The video by GhostDog780430 (who really gets the history). I think this video speaks to all of our Veterans, all those who have served, but it is specifically about the Korean war vets. By the way, if you are related to the Westover family in any way pay attention: This was Popsie's war.

Bonus points if you can figure out how to apply what is being said in the song to your own life. Double extra bonus points if you can tie what's in the song to having served your country and having served a mission!

Well that's it for now. Lisa or I should be doing another post in the next day or so, so until then remember and do good!

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