Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching up

My second post this week... you'd think I'd shut up by now, but writers gotta write.

Ok, I said Lisa or I would be putting up a post about what's going on around here so that's what I'm doing...

Starting with Lisa's stuff. Lisa just finished teaching a live online class. Which she really enjoyed. She is also getting ready to propose her doctoral dissertation (lots of that going on next month. She is also going to be doing back to back conferences this fall (flying straight to one from the other). I think we're both grateful that she's just presenting and attending and not being in charge of them!

As for myself I am bouncing back from my 'vacation' at the local hospital. Yes, I'm dealing with diabetes. I am also amazing the local diabetes educator with my ability to handle and understand it (you'd think people would catch on when you tell them you have an MA and are a research guy, but no you have to educate the educator some times...)

For those who don't know there are two kinds of insulin long and short acting. Yesterday I made it through the whole day without needing the short acting, and most of the week I've only used it once a day as opposed to the three or four times a day I was needing it initially.

This whole adventure has also had an effect on my loosing inches if not pounds (Actually from max measured weight I am down over a hundred pounds...) a couple weeks before this whole mess we bought me some new pants as the old ones were getting too loose (in some cases ridiculously loose) unfortunately/fortunately with recent events including changes in diet the new pants are getting close to being as loose as the old pants. This is definitely a case where winning is more by definition than any clear cut line...

I have also apparently started a fashion trend (I know, I know, in what reality, but there it is...). When you are dealing with diabetes you need a kit to keep your stuff together and so...

Being the person I am I headed to the surplus store! Current style utility pouch in black; it fits everything I need, can be attached to just about anything, and has attachment points where I can attach other things  to it (like my new cell phone case which was originally a grenade pouch...). Apparently using this kind of case was a new thought to several people, including the diabetes educator I talked to today, but it was well received.

Ok, one more thing and then we'll leave the "D" word behind... A week or two ago I was morning the demise of the film camera. Mostly because film canisters were such nice little storage containers. Meet the test strip container...

It's like the film canister, but a little smaller and with a lid that's attached so it's a lot less likely to get lost. Small parts storage is becoming easier again!

Also in shop news... Check this out...

Both of these have exactly the same number of rings. They are the same basic ring pattern and expanded at the same rate. The difference is in the one the right I put each expansion ring on the previous expansion ring. In the one on the left I put the new expansion ring on the ring next to the expansion ring. Small changes in what you do and how you do them can result in significant effects in the eventual form of what you're doing. This doesn't just go for rings or any other craft item, it counts for thoughts and words too. So there is a neat shop item and an object lesson in one swell foop.

Yes, this is where I'd write about what I'm writing, but I'd rather be writing than writing about writing (got that?). But there is one other slightly insane project that's creeping in this week. It is one that I could use some comments/advice on... (Ok, sorry the "D" word is coming back for a minute) One thing I noticed in the last week or two and had confirmed officially to day is that there is no such thing as an actual diabetes support group here in town... so what does the slightly insane guy do? Start thinking about starting one (or at least causing one to be started). This is a condition that has real effects on people and there loved ones, so I think having some sort of group could be valuable. Unfortunately 1) my mind is kind of reeling about what the group should look like (what kind of activities, where and when to meet, who to get involved) and 2) I've never put something like this together before... So I'm asking anyone out there who has experience with diabetes (their own or a family members) what kind of things would you want in a support group? I am also asking for advice from anyone whose ever built a group of some sort (doesn't have to be a support group... could be a club, a council, an association, what ever). If I'm really crazy enough to do this thing is there any advice you can give on things to do, avoid, watch out for, etc. Comments are happily accepted here, or you could email me at psknewone @ yahoo.com (yes, if I set up the group it needs it's own email, but I haven't gotten there yet!). I appreciate any suggestions and advice.

Yes, this post has mostly been about my stuff, but Lisa is doing good stuff too (and she can add something more to talk about more of her stuff if she wants to!). I think this is about it for today. Maybe next time I can write about rocks, or buttons, or something else that doesn't make my brain hurt... see you soon.

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