Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas 2016

This has definitely been an eventful year; and it is about time that I (Lisa) actually write during my week.

We spent last Christmas in California visiting with family, and of course the Tourmaline mine.  This Christmas will be spent at home with some mini rock activities for the grandchildren of some friends - the 6 year old is really into rocks.

Here are some highlights from the year....


  • April: Missed the NW QM conference due to illness - but the presentations I organized were a success and prompted an invite to present at the National conference in November.
  • May: (See Patrick's list).  Marisa came up to help and made a new chair cover!
  • August: A trip to California to visit Patrick's mom and Lisa's family.  I began my 8th year working at ISU; 6th year in the ITRC.  This is the longest I have has worked at the same place!
  • October: Lisa's mom diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • November: Presented at the National Quality Matters Conference in San Antonio.  Won! the 3 Minute Thesis competition at the AECT Conference in Indianapolis.  All 5 members of dissertation committee finalized!
  • December: Back to full steam working on dissertation.


  • April: Patrick's mom diagnosed with ALS.
  • May: Patrick diagnosed with diabetes with a week long visit to the hospital.
  • August: A trip to California to visit Patrick's mom and Lisa's family.
  • September: Completed the first Chainmaille book, complete with pictures and detailed instructions for his own design.  It is currently being tested.
  • November: Won NANOWRIMO! with 58,201 words for a new novel.
  • December: Rockhounding in the parking lot of the Army Surplus store.
I'm sure some exciting things happened before April, but I just can't think of any at the moment. (and neither can Patrick)

In thinking about Christmas I ran across this beautiful quote which spoke to my heart about the message of Christmas.
The Advent message is that one homeless night long ago, in a place called Bethlehem, God wrapped humanity's broken songs and shattered chords with the music of the spheres.  
~Leonard Sweet
For several years the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has put together Christmas messages.  This year the tag is #ASaviorIsBorn and this video explains why we need a Savior - much like the quote above, the gift of a Son brought completeness and hope to everyone, everywhere.

Many others have shared their talents - a search of #ASaviorIsBorn will bring up many songs and stories, here is a playlist of some of my favorites.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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