Monday, December 14, 2015

A thought for the season

This week is a short one... Basically one thought that I had at church yesterday.

You can apply this to hymns, carols or what ever else you need, but...

When you sing songs about Jesus Christ you are singing to him. Give the best you have/can in the song.

The Little Drummer Boy in a carol of old played his drum for the young Savior as he had no other gift to give. I submit to you here and now that this is what we should be doing when we sing to our Savior.

It doesn't matter if you think your voice is good or bad. It definitely doesn't matter what the person next to you, or any other mortal being, may think. You are singing to Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savoir. As long as you give him your best your song is accepted by Jesus Christ the Lord. That is what matters.

I wasn't going to include a video in this one, but Lisa pointed out one of the videos I've linked to. So let's end by taking a look at a few variations on giving your best...

Till next time God bless...


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