Monday, June 9, 2014

War... and Peas?

That's right... Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls last week I declared war against an implacable foe bent on world (or at least backyard) domination... the ornamental pea plant!

Sure they don't look like much but they do spread, they grow quickly and they like to wrap around and climb things (especially when you don't want them to).

What crime did they commit? Why would I formally declare  war???


That would be one of my rose bushes!!!

As you can see the bush is up against the side of the house and for some reason (yeah 'some reason' - Lisa) the city and the insurance folks won't let me fix this with my weed burner torch! So I had to go in by hand. Remembering there is a rose bush in there that I'm trying to save, and it is spider season...

And so, after a surgery in which I extracted the pea plant (which was actually so intent on climbing that I ended up ripping out a couple of young rose canes in the process : ( ) Here's what's left...

Yes they need more work! But on the good side what I had thought was one rose plant is actually two (I cut out some rose dead wood in the same battle). This explains why the rosebush was a little schizophrenic about flower colors!

In talking with Lisa we're considering transplanting one or both to spots up at the front of the house. Any advice would be much appreciated!

So, yay for roses and boo to pea plants. Trust me ornamental peas will take over your yard and your life and not in a good way!

In other news...

1. I am not going to talk about Bowe #$%$#@^^$#$#!!! After what the men in his unit have said (and what his dad said) I really don't feel like stating the obvious! (and anyone feeling like he was 'swift boated' unfairly can tell it to the families of the people who died looking for him)

2. I don't recall if I mentioned it but Lisa got a second publication accepted.

3. I'm submitting some stuff I feel is pretty killer. (Lisa agrees.)( And Lisa did write that.)
4. Completely forgot four!

5. I'm actually starting a new blog (which I will probably release the address and so on next week). I have no idea what my posting schedule for it will be yet, but it will be a lot more of the 'thinky stuff' while this one stays more house and project based. This arrangement allows me to be more thinky (and cover more serious topics) in the one and have the other be more fun and expirimental/sciency/diy.

6. ...Tahiti is not in Europe! I'm going to be sick...
(cool points to the person who can place the movie reference (and bonus points to the person who figures out where I ran into it (Sorry Lisa, no points for you!)))

Well, I know this one is sorta short (and there were no videos or fires!) but have no fear...

For soon...

I shall spring into action!

 Deal with many sticky situations!

Face the heat!

And generally seek to...

Rock the world around me!!!

And for those of you who can't handle the adventures (or the jokes)...

Just focus on the pancakes.

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