Monday, July 13, 2015

A Finished Project

It has been a while since you heard from me.  Patrick does a great job of entertaining you with our projects and updates.

It is finally cooling down a bit here - it was very hot, although seeing as I work in the basement of the library, it really wasn't that different for me - at least M-F.

I finally did complete a project that had been sitting near the sewing machine.

I had made one for Marisa's birthday... (my phone does not like to take clear pictures - or perhaps it is me.  The outside fabric is the same for both mine and Marisa's - even if the colors look way off.)

But I had used Christmas money to buy a full set of bamboo dpn (that is double-pointed needles for the non-knitters), and they needed a home.  So I finally finished mine.  There is still room for some more - perhaps hardwood, or metal, or some other pretty needles that decide to come home with me.

It rolls up nicely!


And there is a pocket!  I will eventually need a needle gauge that fits in here, as the full set of dpn's only has markings in mm instead of US sizes like I'm used to.

I also finally used my birthday money and bought a hand-thrown knitting bowl.  It is larger than I expected, but it works nicely for the larger sizes of yarn.  I still have my other little bowls to handle the smaller ones.

 At the end of June we ventured up to Rexburg to attend the Temple.  The Idaho Falls Temple is closed for renovations until next year.  Afterwards we headed to The Hickory for some lunch and were greeted by a flock of little ducks!

Patrick is doing really well.  The "new" eating has actually not been that difficult and has been enjoyable to visit the Farmer's market on Saturday to pick up some local lettuce for salads each week.  Granted we still eat enough salads and lettuce wraps that we still buy lettuce at the grocery store as well, but it is nice to have all the fresh produce around as it is the right season.  We did not plant a garden or pots this year.  It was just one more thing too much. But rest assured we still have many projects to keep us busy.  You'll be hearing about a recent $15 purchase from Patrick in the weeks to come.

I still have the dissertation staring at me.  I have gotten approval to move forward by 2 of the 3 reading committee members, now to find some more motivation!  I have also been doing more with Quality Matters and I do enjoy that work.  It gets me teaching, facilitating, and helping other create quality courses.  I have just begun facilitating the first introductory workshop offered in China!  It is all online so I don't have to go anywhere.  I have a wonderful co-facilitator and a wonderful support team to help with translations and applications specific to the Chinese educational system.  Quality Matters is in other places internationally, but this is the first where the language is more of an issue.

And when I'm having a hard time, Patrick is always good about finding something to pick me up.  Last week he gave me a happy Wednesday present :)  I love my new little purple boxes!  Now to find what is going to go in them!

Well, that is it for this week.  Other projects are in the works and I'm sure you get to hear about Patrick's new one(s) next week!

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