Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial day, life and more

It is Memorial Day...

For those of you who don't remember my last post (and those who do) let's start with a video...

Also relating to last weeks post a serious injustice was done in local elections by a whole 80 (that's eight zero) votes with roughly 10,000 votes cast. Now, other than the injustice part (which is an issue for another day...), my problem with this is that only 34% of the registered voters voted. So, for those out here in Pocatello land (and any where else in our country for that matter) who didn't vote... IF THE ELECTION DIDN'T GO THE WAY YOU WANTED BY THAT CLOSE OF A MARGIN AND YOU DIDN'T GET OFF YOUR BUTT TO VOTE IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! As for myself and Lisa we voted our conscience and will follow our beliefs and understanding of truth what ever the road ahead.

Ok, on to other and somewhat more fun things... But first... Jail Break!!!

Yep, ol' SUDDEN DEATH!!! managed to finally get away from me this week after trying to play dead... maybe I should have named it FOOLED YOU!!!

As far as the whole birthday thing... Thanks for the presents, cash, gift cards, good wishes and so on!

Some of you know I'm a Dr Who fan and I ended up with seven full story arcs of classic Doctor (mostly Doctor Four and one Doctor Five) and the "Five Doctors" special that aired for the 20th anniversary (two disk set, 20th and 25th anniversary versions (do your research... flippin fan-boy wannabe ('cause you know there's one out there...)))

I also got... My second sonic screwdriver... Here's a picture of the two of them...

One of them is more sonic and the 4th Doctor model... The other is better at driving screws, so it works out over all.

Also in the news this weekend we got the tomatoes and peppers out and in our little garden...and for the first time in our back yard... Garlic (With a nod to my dad and Frederica up in the North East and Popsie). I have also been putting out some new grass seed.



If I string these up on the line around the newly seeded area will it help people take the hint and not step on the new grass?
(Yes, I actually own a set of mine flags (what part of "I shop at surplus stores" is hard to understand?))

For those who worry about such things... yes there are more rocks, fires and other fun stuff comming!

I now have my Lortone which is in the rock shop, and a new tumbler for the metal shop...

For those staring in wonderment at why I would buy the Harbor Freight version... the barrels on the first Harbor Freight I bought have held up well and two equivalent barrels from Lortone would cost more than this whole machine (including the extended warranty). I have also learned a lot about maintenance and care for the little devils since then. And since this one is destined for the metal shop not the rock shop the primary run time would be one barrel (3lb) for two hours (with a max around two barrels (6lb) for two hours ) as opposed to 1 large and 1 small (4.5lb) or three small barrels (4.5lb) (with a max of two large barrels (6lb)) for ten (10) days. Trust me this lil guy is going to spin up a lot of shiny metal and steel shot before it's 'shot' (and if it doesn't I take it back and they give me a new one)

For the professional and mental accountants out there (and people who buy machines), I don't just say yes to the extended warranty or protection plan; I make the determination on the basis of unit cost and the likely hood of me blowing the thing up!

Well, that's it for now... next week: ummm, it's Monday of this week, do you mind if I wait to worry about next week till after lunch!

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