Monday, May 5, 2014

Mom! It's not a diamond! Or is it...

Since this blog generally goes out on Mondays and next Sunday is Mothers Day, let me say happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

That said today we are revealing the last three components of the reunion rocks...

Lets start with a tiny bit o'rock that I call "The Planet Killer"

 This guy is an amethyst that is about twice the size of the largest piece I was expecting. We have had a debate on whether to carve or cut him, and then set him aside to deal with later.  Here's another view:

I'm on the carve side with this one but there are some tricky curves and fractures to deal with that might make cutting him into smaller pieces easier. Note that there are rumors in my pile about places we can dig up our own amethyst directly from the mountain. Not scheduling anything just yet, but I will be planning a trip and calling for a team immediately if I can get confirmed information.

In the mean time you can expect a few of his friends to crop up in the mix (Note: those would be 'dwarf planet killers' (so watch out Pluto!). The Planet Killer is mine!)

This is some agate that will be in the mix. Officially this flavor is called Green Tree agate, like moss agate but with white instead of clear... as you can see in reality it runs from banded white to all green (note the middle right stone has been taken into 'protective custody' by Lisa!) I have also found a piece of blood stone (green with red spots (I took that one in to protective custody))

Now... what does five pounds of green tree agate look like?

Sorry military surplus cafeteria trays not included in the reunion mix!

Ok in honor of moms and a kid that got really over excited at a termie mine that one time...

Lisa accused me of trying to build a crystal Stone Henge for this shot, but...

This one is Crystal Henge!
Don't get too excited these are basic quartz, but there is a good chance some of these will put in an appearance at the reunion (you just have to find them...)

So there you have it the last installment of stones of the reunion mix...(Lisa says that sounds like an album title or maybe a Dr. Who episode)
Next week the stones in the tumbler come out to shine (been waiting a month to finish that one)
After that, more theory, house adventures and shop stuff (hope nobody is easily insulted (or flammable!))
Till then good luck and remember, unless it's in a vacuum, technical the glass is always full!

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