Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mid Week Mischief

(What ever we do in this post don't let my sense of humor get going... it really is that kind of week!) 

First: and foremost... Happy Birthday Lisa!

Second: thank you to all the moms, dads, grandparents, aunts/uncles, siblings and other people who have sent presents or birthday wishes (what! No emoticons! Gaaah, have to do it the old fashioned way :-) )

Third: a while back I put a contest up on the blog to name our sourdough starter. Well, the winner is... ME! Note that only people who actually sent in a suggestion can complain... and since when Monday rolled around and I was the only one who had contributed a suggestion I guess I am the only one who can complain! Actually Lisa helped... when the weekend hit and there weren't any suggestions yet she suggested a sudden death, who ever can get a suggestion in wins kind of thing. Well, I got thinking and just flat out decided to name it SUDDEN DEATH!!! (and yes the all caps and three exclamation points are part of the name (See I told you not to let my sense of humor get going...)).

Lets see SUDDEN DEATH!!! sourdough, we're planting three kinds of peppers in the garden, plus I still have a stock of little Thai peppers from last year... Maybe someone wants to rethink me doing breakfast for the reunion? :-)

Ok, Lisa is annoyed with the sudden death thing (note that making me laugh more is not a valid way of stopping the sense of humor!)

Speaking of trying to stop me... I have been plead with not to burn the house down... that's really good advice... I don't mind being reminded sometimes...

Uuuuummmmm! Exactly how did you get to the people that made my lunch? (Sadly I am serious this time, this warning was on the label of the noodles I had for lunch yesterday!) 

In happier food news...

That would be at least five meals worth of pulled pork straight out of the cooker!

I highly recommend getting to know a real local butcher, and keeping an eye on meat prices and schedules at a local market. I managed to get a 8lb bone in pork shoulder for less than a dollar a pound! Drop that in the slow cooker with half an onion, some carrots (we use baby carrots that come pre peeled and we use for lunches anyway), some dehydrated red and green bell peppers (we use Thrive), salt, pepper, a couple of appropriate herbs and spices (always garlic, but the others vary a bit by what we're feeling like), some Worcestershire  sauce, and water (amount appropriate to your slow cooker (8 out of 10 times you don't need nearly as much as you think you do)). Let it cook all day. When it breaks into pieces when you go to flip it or pull it out, it's ready. Prep time maybe 15 minutes. Cooking time all day but it doesn't take much attention (and remember you're not just cooking tonight's dinner, but tomorrows carnitas for tacos or burritos, the pulled pork you're doing for sandwiches on Saturday, meat for next Tuesday's casserole and/or a meal or two to be named later (it freezes well)).

Well, that's our story for today. Tune in next week when...well, that would be telling ;-)

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