Monday, September 7, 2015

Why is there a snake skin on my table?

Relax folks there really wasn't a snake skin on the table, just a scarf being blocked that looked enough like a snake skin that I asked myself that question three times. I'll let Lisa get to that in her part of the post.

I have been working a lot on getting this book ready to go out (and the next one and the one after that). So, I might not quite be sane at the moment but the following things have actually happened:


I added a custom steel chain to my favorite cane (it happened after I ripped the original strap clean off). I've been wanting to customize it for a while and this is the first step. Phase 2 happens when I actually have a chance to make and cast a new end plug (bronze boar or dragon head). Phase 2 will also include a new leather grip ('cause the current one is gonna die when I weld the head on...). Phase 3 (even further in the future involves a new paint job in a more Nordic style. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this thing is a tool and a fashion accessory. Eccentric writers gotta have their trademarks and I'm working on making this one of mine.

2. This one also involves the cane... Today after finishing the new strap/chain I actually knocked a rather large bug out of the air with the chain (that'll teach it to try to fly into my house (if it weren't dead! (yes folks some insects were harmed in the making of this list item!)))

3. I have broken the "sugar barrier" and reentered the world of barbecue! For too long the general barbecue consciousness in some parts of my family has been dominated by Kansas City style barbecue (which is the most mass produced (and basically involves hurling a large amount of honey or brown sugar at ketchup...)). I've been experimenting with an old friend I discovered on my mission Carolina style barbecue sauce (mustard based...) and a new friend the "Alabama white". I will get back to this in up coming posts as I have some more results and a more perfected recipe.

Well, that's my side of the world... In a surprise move...
Heerrreee'ssss Lisa!

Yup, you get both of us today.  I have been frantically knitting.  The first weeks of the term are always crazy.  Knitting is relaxing and helps to keep me sane and my mind on something soft and lovely instead of grinding on the idiots  problems of the day.

So here is the "snake skin" that I finally blocked.

I suppose it does look like a snake skin (Although I didn't know that until I read the title of this post.) I called it my "Raisin Waves Project."  The pattern looked like waves, and the color of the yarn is a reddish brown like raisins.  The scarf ended up much longer than I thought it would  - about 70".  I wasn't sure the blocking frames would work, but the nails were just perfect to pull the points out and instead of using the other frames as cross bars, I laid two on the table and used some books to keep them the 7" apart.  The "snake skin" is now nice and lacey as it should be - although I'm now going to think "I'm putting on snake skin" every time I wear it.

Also working on some other projects, which will not appear here until after Christmas.  Here is a glimpse at a shawl I'm working on.

On the writing front for me, the dissertation is back in swing.  Met with my dissertation adviser and we figured out how to redesign the study so I only need 36 participants rather than 120!  This actually feels like something I can accomplish within the next year.  I just may be able to graduate in May 2016!  Now to make sure I have the time to work on it.  I'm still working full time at ISU, and I have been facilitating workshops for Quality Matters - which I love doing, but it does take time.  I have one starting tomorrow.

Well, that is what has been going on around here - lots of projects, writing, moving forward, and grateful that the temperatures are finally dropping.  Now if Idaho could just figure out how to stay in Autumn a bit longer before it jumps into Winter.

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